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Fulfil 'Your Asha'

Derived from Sanskrit आशा (asha) meaning "wish, desire, hope".

I’m an experienced Transformation Coach who can help you shape a balanced, healthy life.


 - Diploma in Eating Psychology

 - DIploma in Child and Adolescent Nutrition

 - Personal Trainer Level 2

 - Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health Level 2

 - Mini Habit Mastery 

 - Menopause Remedies

 - Body Transformation Mastermind

Whether you are struggling to understand why you may have formed negative eating patterns, an unhealthy relationship with food or are struggling to find a level of consistency in your training, I can assist you in identifying the source of the issue and work with you to create personalised food and training plans that work around your lifestyle. 


'Finding your Asha' starts with finding a balance, not taking control.  With regular communication in a format of your choice, your accountability will lead to a change in habits and lifestyle which will help you in fulfilling ‘Your Asha’. 

Please contact me for packages and testimonials.


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