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We are all different; our starting points are different; our objectives are different; and these are always evolving.

From experience, for longer term sustainable changes, starting with balance is far more important than starting with control.  Balance will lead to control. I have been there; I have taken some clients there: I sought to gain full control by taking my body to the extreme and I have learnt from my own journey that control can be a mirage. If not handled carefully, it is short term, disruptive, and can be selfish, especially for those who have other life priorities. I am a mother of two young boys, a wife and a daughter and although the initial first steps of taking control has immediate positive impacts, they came with consequences that impacted my family life which I was not willing to accept.


This is why the ASHA journey is different. This is about finding balance first, an untroubled environment. It provides a safe place, somewhere from which you can feel comfortable to experiment (and yes, this is an experiment: there are tried and tested methods, but we are all different) and to which you can retreat if the path chosen doesn’t work: you go back, reassess, replan and then move forward….Yes, this is counter to a lot of what you are being told and many alternatives will promote the opposite i.e. first take control and then find a balance but the reality is we are all busy; we all have other life commitments that we can’t choose to escape from, not without guilt or uncomfortable sacrifices.


I have been through many ups and downs with my clients and on a personal level with many lessons learned. While the extremities do work for some and solve short term goals, for the majority of us that want sustainable, lasting, healthy changes, they don’t.  I look forward to working with my clients to make the physical and mental changes they want in a balanced way.


I want to use all my fitness, nutritional and coaching experience and qualifications to help people realise a balance in their lives without feeling the guilt of having to make a sacrifice or compromise on what matters to them the most; to work through negative associations with food; to help achieve a healthy and active lifestyle; to find a balance in their lives.  I want to help you ‘fulfil your Asha’.

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