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What Does Asha Coaching Provide? 



I will work with my clients to understand their specific goals and lifestyles.  Using various meal planning tools such as MyFitnessPal, I create multiple meal plans that are suitable for their own individual lifestyles and commitments.  Depending on the package chosen these can be varied on a regular basis taking into consideration the changes in life events.
There will be no extremes here; this is about making positive changes in a controlled manner; changes that my clients will enjoy and embrace. 



It is important you enjoy exercising.  I work with my clients to understand their goals and the limitations that their lifestyle creates.  Based on these I put together tailor made programs that work in balance with my clients lifestyle.  Resistance and cardio programs are customised to whether you choose to workout at the gym or at home ( even if you have no equipment) and these are adjusted accordingly. 



Once we have created a personalised exercise and nutrition programme my clients  check - in with me to reflect on how the past week has gone.  Through this check -in we will not only reflect on the past week, but we will plan forward for the following weeks and months, where we can implement strategies to make incremental improvements.  You are fully accountable to me which is crucial in this journey.

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