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My Story

 I had a very fortunate life: schooled in one of the top schools in the country, went to one of the top universities in the country, gained the ACA accounting qualification from one the top accountancy firms in the country and went on to work at a one of the world’s leading Investment Banks.  An outsider looking in may say ‘She has it all’, yet something was missing, I was not fulfilled.  It took me six years to realise that my desire was to help others grow.  I left the world of banking and pursued a career in teaching the ACA, helping others to reach their professional aspirations.


My world however was turned upside down when I lost my father to an illness because with that I also lost my drive, my purpose, my zest for life.  I lost structure and with that, the balance in my life, and for that I suffered


I turned to fitness and exercise to give me an anchor to hold on to and help re-build the structure I lost.  It became my ‘safe place’, a place where I could go to cut the noise in our information saturated world, a place where I could simply go to to reconnect with myself. It didn’t take long for me to realise other benefits of being on a transformation journey: an improved conditioned body was a given.  It was the mental resilience that I built that had the largest impact on my life and the lives of those around me.  I found a balance in my life which then gave me the confidence to take control of the environment around me.  I found my Asha.


I want to use all my fitness, nutritional and coaching experience and qualifications to help people realise a balance in their lives without feeling the guilt of having to make a sacrifice or compromise on what matters to them the most; to work through negative associations with food; to help achieve a healthy and active lifestyle; to find a balance in their lives.  I want to help you ‘fulfil your Asha’.

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